FC Dulles FALL 2022 RECREATION Programs (Registration is Open!)

New for Fall 2022:

  • Age Groups U10 & Older will form teams to play against other clubs in the Suburban Friendship League (SFL).
  • The REC Jamboree for Eaglets, Micro-Academy, REC 1, & ADAP will shift to morning hours on Saturdays starting at 9:00 AM. REC 1 & ADAP from 9:00-10:AM; Eaglets: 10:15-10:45; Micro-Academy: 10:15-11:00 AM.
  • Uniforms for SFL age groups, REC 1, & Micro-Academy will be purchased directly from PJ Sports in Falls Church (7500 Leesburg Pike #12A, Falls Church, VA 22043) and will be available starting August 1. The Eaglet Academy receives a program t-shirt included with the registration fee. 

Eaglet Academy (U3-U4)

Boys & Girls born between 9/2/2018 to 9/1/2019

Players must be 3 years old before 9/1/2022

  • Program Description: Introductory FUN soccer class focused on basic movement skills, coordination, and the relationship between the player and the with ball. Includes program t-shirt.
  • Schedule:
    • Fun Sessions* (Rec. Jamboree) Saturdays 10:15-10:45 AM. Location TBD (local to Chantilly). 
  • ​Start Date: ​9/10
  • Pre-season contact: Third week of August
  • Uniform: Program t-shirt included
  • What's included/not included: Click here
  • Tuition: $85 (free program t-shirt included)
  • Registration status:Open
  • Registration deadline: August 15
  • Discounts: 
    • Sibling Discount: Save $20%**
    • Early Bird Discount (before 8/1): 10% (Code: Fall10)

Register Here


Micro-Academy (U5/U6)

Boys & Girls U5-U6 born 1/1/2017 -9/1/2018.

  • Program Description: Introductory class for kids to begin their journey learning the game of soccer. Our top instructors teach basic soccer skills with fun small-sided games to inspire a love and passion for soccer. Players are grouped according to age, size, and skill level. Free practice t-shirt included in the tuition fee!
  • Schedule:
    • Games* (REC Jamboree) 7 sessions Saturdays 10:15-11:00 AM. Location TBD (local to Chantilly).
    • Free Play Fridays* Times and Locations TBD. 
  • Start Dates: 
    • Games (Rec. Jamboree): 9/10
    • Free Play: 9/9
  • Pre-season contact: Third week of August
  • Uniform
  • What's included/not included: Click here
  • Tuition:$135 (free practice t-shirt included)
  • Registration Status:Opening
  • Deadline to register: August 15
  • Late Fees: $30
  • Discounts
    • Sibling Discount: Save $20%**
    • Early Bird Discount- Register before 8/1: 10% (Discount Code: Fall10)

Register Here


REC Academy I- (U7/U8/U9)

Boys & Girls born 2014-2016

  • Program Description: Great for players to learn with age-appropriate small-sided games, to improve technical skills- primarily dribbling and passing and receiving (first touch), and to develop a passion for the game! Players are grouped according to age, size, and skill level. 
  • Schedule:
    • Games* (REC Jamboree) Saturdays- 9:00-10:00 AM. Location TBD (local to Chantilly)
    • Practices* Monday night - 6:00-7:00 PM. Locations TBD (local to Chantilly).
    • Free Play*: Fridays- Poplar Tree 2 from 6:00-7:00 PM. 
  • Start Dates: 
    • Games (Rec. Jamboree): 9/10
    • Practices (Rec. Academy): 8/29
    • Free Play: 9/9
  • Pre-season contact: Third week of August
  • Uniform
  • What's included/not included: Click here
  • Tuition: $165 (Free practice t-shirt included)
  • Late Fees: $30
  • Deadline to Register: August 15
  • Registration Status: Open
  • Discounts
    • Sibling Discount: Save $20%**
    • Early Bird Discount (by 8/1): Save 10% (Code: Fall10)

Register Here


Suburban Friendship League (SFL)

Boys & Girls U10-U19 (born in 2004-2013)***

  • Program Description: Players will be placed on teams to play against other local clubs in the area. Practices will be 2x/week (games on Saturdays) in a fun, social environment with age-appropriate practice sessions emphasizing teamwork, passing and receiving, and principles of play (attacking & defending). 
  • Schedule:
    • Games* (SFL League Games) Saturdays: Times & Locations TBD. 
    • Practices* (2x/week) Nights (likely M/W), Times, & Locations TBD
  • Start Dates: 
    • Games 9/10
    • Practices Week of 8/28
  • Pre-season contact: Third week of August
  • Uniform
  • What's included/not included: Click here
  • Tuition: $195 (Free practice t-shirt included)
  • Registration status: Open 
  • Late Fees: $50 (Starting August 2)
  • Registration Deadline: August 1
  • Discounts
    • Sibling Discount: Save $20%**
    • Early Bird Discount (Register by 7/15): 10% (Code: Fall10SFL)

Register Here


*Weather permitting and the fields are open and playable. Schedule subject to change depending on # of registrants and coach and field availability. Due to time constraints, there are no make-up sessions..

**Discount only applied to siblings in other REC programs

***Age groups may be combined depending on the # of players registered and available coaches. Boys and girls may be combined in the U10/11 and U12 age groups depending on the # of players and available coaches.  

Effective 1/2/2020: Credit card orders will be charged an additional service fee. The service fee applies to all online payments and covers the cost of the Demosphere registration system, including data privacy, security and PCI compliance. Customers paying by cash or check will not incur a service fee and will not be an active registration until payment is received.


Important Dates- Fall 2022

June 15- Registration Opens for all REC programs

August 1- Last day of registration for SFL age groups (U10-U19).

August 2- Late registration for SFL age groups begins ($50 late fee)

August 15- Last day of registration for Eaglet, Micro-Academy, & REC 1 age groups

August 16- Late Registration fee begins for Eaglet, Micro-Academy & REC 1 age groups ($50 late fee)

August 22- Pre-season contact

August 28- REC late registration Closes

Week of Aug. 29- REC 1 & SFL practices begin

Labor Day Weekend- 92-9/5 no events scheduled

September 9- Free play begins for Micro- Academy & REC 1

September 10- First day of REC Jamboree for Eaglets, Micro-Academy, & REC 1; First games for SFL age groups. SFL 

October 7-10 no events scheduled

October 29- Last day of REC Jamboree (closing ceremonies w/ awards & medals)

Nov. 5- Last games for SFL age groups

Nov. 19 & 20- Option All-start tournament for SFL age groups



REC Uniform 2022-24

Micro Academy & REC 1 uniform kit:

SFL (U10-U19) Uniform kit:


Questions? If you have any programming or registration questions please contact us at:


FC Dulles Fall 2022 REC Program Open For Registration!

Our curriculum is based on national guidelines and designed to instill a lifetime of love & passion for the beautiful game of soccer.



FC Dulles believes volunteer USSF licensed coaches are an integral part of our rec. soccer program. FC Dulles provides educational opportunities through VYSA's Coaching Education Department and guidance for volunteer coaches to actively participate in our rec. program. Recreation Coaches receive a coaching polo for games and a practice t-shirt for training sessions. Upon successful completion of the season tuition fees for parents of players enrolled in our REC program will be refunded. 

Questions about coaching? 

Please contact

FC Dulles Referral Program- Bring Players to FC Dulles and Save on Tuition!

FC Dulles is excited to introduce the new Referral Program. You know first-hand how much fun your kids have when they're playing soccer alongside friends and how much more convenient it is for you when there are soccer carpool options with nearby neighbors. With this in mind, and with the goal of growing FC Dulles, we are pleased to introduce a new reward program - THE FC DULLES REFERRAL PROGRAM!

This was created for players/families who bring new players to FC Dulles soccer programs. We have seen how effective spreading our programs through word of mouth advertising has been, and how much it can benefit families and players. Because of that now we want to reward these parents.

If you bring players to FC Dulles and they sign-up, and submit your name in the online referral section when registering, and pay their tuition fees, then you will be eligible for the referral bonus. Rewards will only be processed when the referral pays in full or at least four months if they are on an installment plan.


  1. Applied to any outstanding balances at FC Dulles for the current season.
  2. Any reward balance will be applied to the tuition of the next season* or program with FC Dulles.

*A season for the Travel Academy Program is considered a full seasonal year (i.e. June 2022-June 2023).

If you bring:

  • NEW players to the FC Dulles Travel Academy program: $100/player.
  • NEW players to the FC Dulles ADAP program (U7 & U8): $50/player
  • NEW players to the FC Dulles REC Academy program (Micro, REC 1, SFL): $25/player.
  • NEW players to the FC Dulles Eaglet Academy: $15/player


Soccer is more fun with friends! It's EASY to refer your friends, neighbors, and classmates! Here are some ideas on how to spread the word:

  1. Work, church, friends, and clubs you already belong to. (i.e. place in the break room, ask your church to post, add to your local community board, pool clubhouse, etc.)
  2. Facebook! - Share on your Facebook page with a small testimonial about why your child loves playing soccer for FC Dulles!
  3. Have your player hand out fliers to their friends in the neighborhood.
  4. Ask your child's teacher if you can put the FC Dulles flier in their class Friday Folder
  5. Day Care
  6. Other sports teams

Birth Year Matrix 2021-2022 Season


"U" = under

REC Coaches: Great Benefits