CSC Travel-Competitive Soccer Overview

The objective of CSC's Competitive Travel Program is to provide a demanding environment for players who are willing to make the commitment to play at the highest level. There are three categories of travel teams in CSC:

  1. CSC Academy (formally Travel 1): consists of pool players with teams re-set and formed each spring through CSC's tryout process. Tuition for CSC Academy includes a salary for a paid coach from CSC's Technical Department who has an age-appropriate USSF coaching license and implements CSC's Curriculum.
  2. CSC Select: consists of players who's teams are similarily formed and reset on a yearly basis through spring tryouts. Coaches for CSC Select teams are volunteer in nature and have age-appropriate USSF coaching licenses. CSC Select coaches are directed by CSC's Technical Department and implement CSC's Curriculum. Coaches who coach in CSC's Select program are refunded their registration fees upon successful completion of the season year (see Coaches Refund Policy). All new teams entering CSC will be required to enter through CSC's Select program.
  3. CSC Legacy (formally Travel 2): consists of grandfathered existing teams in the club prior to the formation of the CSC Select program. CSC Legacy teams are expected to participate in a certain level of programming and pay a la carte. CSC Legacy coaches have age-appropriate USSF coaching licenses and implement CSC's curriculum.