Check-in Info & Documents

To complete the online check-in please follow these instructions.
1.   Go to GotSoccer team page
2.   Click on the event located under "Event Registration History"
3.   Click on the "Documents" tab on the far right
4.   Load Documents

For online check-in, the following documents must be uploaded into your team's GotSoccer account no later than Sunday, June 16.

Below are the required documents you will need to upload for online check-in or bring with you to in-person check-in:

  1. Approved/Certified Roster from your State/National Association for the 2018-19 season or 2019-2020 season or an official tournament roster for newly formed teams, teams expanding players, or teams combining players.
  2. Player Passes
  3. Medical Treatment Release Confirmation Form
  4. Team Information Form
  5. Permission To Travel (not required for clubs in Region 1 or US Club teams)

All uploaded files should be in PDF format.  Documents uploaded in JPEG format will not be accepted.  No photos of documents will be accepted.

Documents should be uploaded as 1 file per section rather than individually scanned and uploaded.


  • Section 1:  Official Approved Roster or FC Dulles Tournament form for newly formed teams
  • Section 2:  Player Passes (MUST BE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER)
  • Section 3:  Medical Confirmation Form
  • Section 4:  Team Information Form 
  • Section 5:  Permission To Travel (if applicable)

In addition to the above documents, the team's manager/coach must bring the Medical Treatment Release Forms with them to each game. The Medical Confirmation Form must be uploaded to GotSoccer.

We do not need to see Medical Treatment Release Forms at registration, however it is mandatory that each player have a completed Medical Treatment Release form with them at each game.

No player can play on more than 1 team at any point during the tournament.

A team must provide us with an approved roster from either a US Youth Soccer affiliated state association, from US Club soccer, or an official FC Dulles Roster for newly formed teams, teams expanding players, and teams combining players. The official FC Dulles Tournament roster must be certified by a club official of the team's sponsoring club that the team is a newly formed travel team, expanding players, or combining players.  Rosters must include all guest players and must mark out any players not attending the tournament. To add guest players to your roster, write the guest players information below the existing rostered players. The minimum required information for each player on the roster is Name, Date of Birth, player ID number, Uniform number, and Gender.

A team must have player passes for all players on their roster.  All guest players must have player passes from the same sanctioning organization as the team’s roster.  For example, a player carded under US Youth Soccer cannot play with a US Club sanctioned roster and vice versa.  No roster may be comprised of players with different passes from different sanction organizations. Recreational passes can be used for guest players and newly formed teams (provided the team's roster is certified by a club official as a newly formed travel team)

We do not need to see Medical Release Forms at registration, however it is mandatory that each player have a completed Medical Release form with them at each game.

***Please remember to keep all documents with you all weekend!


FC Dulles Tournament Roster Form for newly formed teams

Medical Release Treatment Confirmation:

Medical Release Treatment Form (team):

Team Information Page: