FC Dulles Scholarship Program

FC Dulles has a limited amount of funds set aside for scholarships to players who cannot afford tuition fees for our REC, ADAP, ACADEMY, and SUMMER CAMP programs. These scholarships are need-based and are dependant upon income and household size (see chart below).

Scholarships are awarded on a sliding scale based on where your income falls in the ranges below and depending on your household size. Scholarships will NOT cover all player costs and tuition. Costs not covered include uniforms, County field user fees, player's personal equipment, and the remaining balance of tuition not covered by the scholarship award. Our goal is to provide the youth in our community who want to play soccer the opportunity to do so. Scholarship funds are limited and will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. 

FC Dulles does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, and gender identity in acceptance of one’s scholarship application.

All tuition must be paid in full (or installments must be up-to-date) in order to be placed on a roster.

  1. Register for your program and select the financial aid payment option when checking out.
  2. Download and print the Scholarship form below. 
  3. Complete the form and return your application along with your previous year Federal Tax return by the stated deadlines below to: FC Dulles, PO Box 222732, Chantilly, VA 20153.  A signed Federal Tax return (1040) is required in support of all applications. 
  4. We will then notify you of the amount of scholarship you will be awarded and apply it to your account
  5. Complete required payments- your player will only become 'active' and placed on a roster when payments are completed. 

PLEASE NOTE. In return for a scholarship players and/or parents will be expected to sell their allocation of raffle tickets for annual fundraising, and provide volunteer services to FC Dulles (Golazo!! Summer Kick-Off Tournament, Soccer Fiesta, Club fundraising activities, etc.). Failure to meet these basic requirements will impact any future scholarship applications.

If you have questions about the scholarship program please contact FC Dulles- phone #: 703-951-7112 or by email at: fcdulles@gmail.com.

The application forms are availaible in English and Spanish below as PDF's.

INCOME GUIDELINES: Your child(ren) may be eligible for an FC Dulles Scholarship if your household income is within the limits in the chart shown below.

Effective July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019

Amount of award:

75% off tuition

74% - 50% off tuition

49% - 25% off tuition

Household Size

Yearly Income

Yearly Income

Yearly Income


0 - $15,777

$15,778 - $19,044

$19,045 - $22,311


0 - $21,233

$21,234 - $25,639

$25,640 - $30,044


0 - $26,689

$26,690 - $32,233

$32,234 - $37,777


0 - $32,145

$32,146 - $38,828

$38,829 - $45,510


0 - $37,601

$37,602 - $45,422

$45,423 - $53,243


0 - $43,057

$43,058 - $52,017

$52,018 - $60,976


0 - $48,507

$48,508 - $58,608

$58609 - $68,709


0 - $53,952

$53,953 - $65, 197

$65,198 - $76,442

For each additional family member, add: $5,445, $6,589, $7,733


Academy (Travel): 6/15

ADAP: Fall:6/15; Spring 3/1

REC: Spring- 3/1; Fall-8/1

Summer Camps: 6/1

Scholarship Application: 

English (Click Here)

Spanish (Click Here)