Recreation: Boys & Girls U9-U12

Boys & Girls U9-U10: Technicians 1- The Future of Technique- the making of the virtuoso. Player Development Components (listed by priority): Technical, Psychological, Fitness, Tactical. Players are also introduced to the goalkeeping postion. These players will demonstrate increased self-responsibility. They can initiate play on their own, which leads to learning through self-discovery and self-expression. They enjoy and benefit from competition, so all training activities will incorporate objectives and/or a methods of scoring. They will intentionally play in groups, although individualism is still the core of their game. Development goals include continued development and improvement of technical skills (dribbling, passing technique, first touch, turns, 1 v 1 moves) and movement skills. Players are introduced to the basic principles of play while maximizing time on the ball and emphasizing fun and cooperation. Success in our game day competition (Rec. Jamboree) is defined by the execution and improvement of learned technical skills rather than performance and team results.

Boys & Girls U11-U12: Technicians II: The Golden Years of Technique. Technicians II focuses on continued technical and enhanced movement skill development. The main objectives of the U11-U12 age groups is to learn by doing, learning, improving, and building a larger tool box of soccer skills, continued development of enhanced movement skills, learning the basic principles of play, and, most importantly, preparing players for the next level. Success in our game day competition (Rec. Jamboree) is on the execution and improvement of learned technical skills and basic principles of play- both attacking and defending- over game results and team performance

Age appropriate USSF licensed coaches will lead Rec. Academy and Jamboree sessions in coordination with CSC Club TD, Coach Marcelo.

Player Fee: $125


  • Early Bird (Ends 3/1)
  • Volunteer Coach- initial discount
  • Multi-program
  • Volunteer
  • Sibling (Same program)
  • Pay-in-full

What's Included:

  • Training: 1x weeknight Rec. Academy session led by Coach Marcelo and CSC Coaches- 8 weeks*;
  • Free Play: 1x weeknight free play-8 weeks*;
  • Competition w/referees: Saturday Rec. Jamboree session-8 weeks*;
  • Pre-Travel Training for players born in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 who are interested in playing on a U9-U13 CSC Travel Team for the Fall 2016 season-7 sessions*;
  • Ball
  • CSC Practice T-shirt (new players only)
  • All-Star selections to play in the Father's Day Tournament on June 19, 2016. ($50 additional charge after player selection in May).

​Not Included:

  • Uniform $30 (for new players only or those needing a new uniform. Players who played in the Fall 2015 season do not need to purchase a uniform or practice t-shirt);
  • FFX County Field User Fees: $5.50 (in-county); $30 (out-of-county).

Season Start Dates and Schedule:

  • Rec. Jamboree (game):
    • Start Date- 4/9;
    • Schedule: Saturdays, 3:15-4:45 PM @ Poplar Tree 2.
  • ​​​Rec. Academy (training)
  • Free Play (Optional but encouraged):
    • Start Date- 4/8;
    • Schedule: Fridays, 1 hour time slot between 5:30-7:30 PM  @ Fred Crabree Park #3;
  • Pre-Travel Training (for players interested in playing on CSC travel teams):
    • Start Date- 3/30
    • Schedule: Wednesdays, 1 hour time slot between 5:30-7:30 PM @ Fred Crabree Park #3

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