CSC's Return-to-Play Policy


It is impossible to accurately predict how long concussions will last. There must be full recovery before a player is allowed to return to participation. CSC now requires that no athlete may resume participation until they have received written medical clearance from a licensed healthcare professional (Physician, Physician Assistant, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Athletic Trainer) trained in the evaluation and management of concussions. The health care professional might direct them into a well defined RTP stepped protocol similar to one outlined below. If at any time signs or symptoms should return during the RTP progression the athlete should cease activity. After the RTP protocol has been successfully administered (no longer exhibits any signs or symptoms or behaviors consistent with concussions), final written medical clearance is required by one of the licensed health care professionals mentioned above for the athlete to fully return to unrestricted participation in practices and competitions.

Medical Clearance RTP protocol {Recommended one full day between steps):

Rehabilitation stage

Functional exercise at each stage of rehabilitation

Objective of each stage

1. No activity

Complete physical and cognitive rest until asymptomatic. School may need to be modified.


2. Light aerobic activity

Walking, swimming or stationary cycling keeping intensity <70% of maximal exertion; no resistance training

Increase Heart Rate

3. Sport Specific Exercise

Running, agility, dynamic stretching;  no head impact activities

Add Movement

4. Non-contact Training

Progression to more complex training drills, i.e. technical work, passing drills; may start progressive resistance load training

Exercise, coordination and cognitive

5. Full Contact Practice

Following medical clearance, participate in normal training activities

Restore confidence and assess functional skills by coaching staff

If at any time signs or symptoms should return during the RTP progression the athlete should stop activity that day. If the athlete's symptoms are gone the next day, s/he may resume the RTP progression at the last step completed in which no symptoms were present. If symptoms return and don't resolve, the athlete should be referred back to their medical provider